Historical Background For The Passage Essay

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"Historical Background for the Passage" The story takes place in Genesis 4:1-15, after Adam and Eve had been kicked out of the garden for eating the forbidden fruit. Approximately four thousand years before Jesus Christ was born. Adam and Eve 's first son was Able then they had his brother Cain. Adam and Eve were no longer provided for by the Lord like they were in the Garden of Eden. They had to raise sheep and food to survive. The story is being told for the benefit of the reader as a warning of the downfalls of sin. The main characters in the story are the Lord, Cain, and Able. Able does not say anything in the story. The other two main characters the Lord and Cain were the focus of the text. The story centers around Cain 's sin, and the downfall that occurred because of it. In Genesis 4:9 Abel said the phrase that has been repeated a thousand times and it still used today, "am I my brother 's keeper?"
"Summary and Analysis of the Passage" In the story of Cain and Abel found in Genesis 4. Cain and Abel the sons of Adam and Eve each chose a different route to please the Lord. Abel, whose name means keeper was a keeper of sheep. Cain chose to till the ground and grow food. When both Cain and Abel had prospered in their effort they sacrificed part of what they had made, tithe, to the Lord. Abel gave the best he had, the fattest calf of his flock of sheep in sacrifice to the Lord. Cain grew fruits and vegetables. Cain offered up the fruits of the ground, which the Lord…

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