Essay on Historical Aspects Of Art And Architecture

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The power of an identity is one of the most important aspects of developing a sense of self for a person. In turn, the power to control the formulation of an identity, whether of an individual person or of an entire empire, is incredibly valuable. Identity played a crucial role in the development of Rome over the course of antiquity, but also in the modern period. Over the course of Roman history during the Republic, the Empire, and in the modern time period art and architecture played the role of emphasizing the uniformity of identity. This was done largely by creating a normalization of expected societal norms and values through various representations in artwork as well as in the construction of various architectural works. One of the ways in which identity was standardized over the course of Roman history through art and architecture was in the Roman Republic. One of the most important aspects for Roman architects at this point in time was the emphasis on distinguishing the Republic from the previous reign of Etruscan kings who had maintained power over Rome for so many years. The insistence upon this distinction was significant in order to legitimize power following the tyrannical kings. Interestingly, this new political identity was reflected not by the creation of a completely new artistic form, but rather by drawing upon non-Etruscan Greek influences to place the art and architecture of the new Roma Republic in juxtaposition to prior works. An excellent example of…

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