History Will Absolve Me Analysis

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History relies on media to foretell what occurred during a time period. Collection of various media items, such as newspapers, films, and speeches are used by historians as primary sources to understand the full picture of what happened. Both historical and journalistic interpretations are subject to manipulation by the writer, filmmaker, or even the audience that receives the information. Specifically in Cuba, various interpretations of historical and journalistic sources influenced viewpoints of the Cuban population in regards to the Revolution.
Journalistic interpretation can sometimes report sensationalism over pure facts. Known as Yellow Journalism, exaggerating facts and manipulating them for political reasons was what pushed the United
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Primary sources allow historians to understand the development of events as it happens. For example, Fidel Castro gave his speech History Will Absolve Me is categorized as a primary source. Throughout his speech, he is defending himself before a judge after being sent to jail because of criminal charges. The audience who was at the location or even those who heard his speech on the radio would have been influenced first hand by his great oratory skill. They would probably be influenced by a series of environmental and emotional factors that would have positively contributed to support Castro’s speech, such as passion. On the other hand, a historian or student analyzing his speech 50 years later could understand the entire outcome and the consequences of his speech that helped Fidel Castro gain popularity with an outsider’s view of his famous quote: “history will absolve me”. Certainly, interpretation of the speech for those at that time could have influenced their viewpoint of the Revolution differently to those who analyzes the speech

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