Historical Analysis : Gold Rush Essay

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Historical Analysis: Gold Rush “A Rush to the Gold Washings” is a newspaper article published by the newspaper California Star. This article reported the early stages of the Gold Rush and the depopulation of the California territory due to people rushing to the gold fields in the Sierra. The California Star was the first English newspaper on the Pacific coast, created by the pioneer Sam Brannan, who grew his wealth through publicizing the Gold Rush, allowing him to become the first millionaire in California. The document was produced in San Francisco, California, which experienced a boom in population at the start of the Gold Rush and became the largest city west of the Mississippi.
The 2 page article was published on June 10, 1848, outlining the very early stages of mass migration to the Sierra and modern-day Northern California. This article was written to document the mass migration occurring in California due to findings of gold in the North as well as to educate people about the depth that the “gold-washing enthusiasm” had affected the population of the California territory. At this time, it had only been 5 months since the discovery of the first gold flake in Sutter’s Mill, which set off the American Gold Rush.
This article offers a unique look into the era of the gold rush because it was published only months after the first discovery of gold in California. The authors of the article were documenting it in the heart of San Francisco, which allowed them to…

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