Historical Accuracy Of The Film Essay

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Shifting towards examining the film through a historically critical perspective, it is arguable that if it had been created with an outlook of the Gospels as historical texts, rather than sacred scripture, a majority of elements would be characterized differently. In case, many components of the film are questionable in their historical accuracy. Further, scholars generally agree that the authors of the Gospels were not eyewitnesses to encompassing events throughout, but rather were part an already established, growing Christian community (M. Tokarek LaFosse, personal communication, January 14, 2016). With that frame of reference, the film’s production takes place some 2,000 years after the written Gospels of Jesus death, which are based largely on oral and written sources about the historical Jesus. Therefore, it is conceivably inevitable that historical inaccuracies would surface in the film.
From a supportive perspective, during the courtyard scene with Caiaphas, a couple of examples do present. Keeping in mind the importance of honour being of the highest “core value of the ancient Mediterranean world” (Rohrbaugh, 2010, p. 109), some moments in the film loosely reflect the hierarchal context attached to honour. Indeed, ones position in society was determined by ones honour ranking. Displayed in film, when people were entering this secret meeting of Jesus before Caiaphas, a temple guard throws an observer out saying “This is not your party, you toothless vermin.”…

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