Hispanic Population Within The United States Essay

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As the Hispanic population continues to increase, so does the incidence of diabetes (Rumbaut, Escarce, & Morales, 2006). A recent study found that Hispanics born outsides the United States (U.S.) were healthier than those who were born in the U.S. (Rumbaut, Escarce, & Morales, 2006). When comparing the non-Hispanics with the Hispanics population, researchers found that Hispanics had a higher incidence of Type II diabetes (Rumbaut, Escarce, & Morales, 2006). For the purpose of this paper, the author will examine the Hispanic population within the U.S., and the health issues that affect them, the risk factors that can lead to diabetes, in the Hispanic communities, and the interventions, and strategies, and, finally recommendation to decrease the incidence of diabetes, and within the population.
Target Population A Hispanic is a person who speaks, reads, and writes Spanish, or is the child of an individual who migrated to the U.S. (Gonzales-Barrera, & Lopez, 2015). According to Rumbaut, Escarce, and Morales (2006), the fastest growing population in the U.S., are Hispanics. Furthermore, Hispanics make up approximately 17percent of the nations population, which is 50.1 million and this number, is predicted to increase to 29 percent by the year 2060 (Morales, Lara, Kington, Valdez, & Escarce, 2002). The Hispanic population tends to have a lower socioeconomic status than the non-Hispanic population (Morales, Lara, Kington, Valdez, & Escarce, 2002). The median family…

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