Hispanic Family Assesment Paper

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In this paper the theories of multigenerational family therapy and structural family therapy are applied to the Melendez family. Beginning with the biography of the Hispanic family, assessment of the strengths and vulnerabilities of the family, stage of the family life cycle, cultural elements that impact the family and explanation of the types and qualities of relationships depicted in the Melendez genogram and ecomap the foundation for therapeutic goals and interventions are set. Goals and interventions based on the multigenerational family therapy theory are theoretically applied with the goal of the family to recognize emotional patterns to decrease anxiety. The Structural Theory application will focus on the presenting
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Selyna describes her relationship with Adrian as strained. Adrian works as a truck driver and is away from home long hours and often overnight. Selyna’s daughter Sophia has recently been rebellious and has started talking back and fighting with her mother. Selyna feels resentment towards Adrian as he is often away and not an active part in Sophia’s discipline.
Assessing Selyna’s family at a three generation perspective allowed me to obtain the types and qualities of relationships in the family structure and lead into issues affecting Selyna and other family members. This assessment gave me insight into the stage of the family lifecycle, strengths and vulnerabilities, cultural elements that influence Selyna’s current level of functioning and cultural implications that affect the family’s outlook. My assessment of cultural implications that may affect the social and psychological functioning of Selyna and her family members include the roles of the Hispanic male and female. Selyna’s mother was a stay at home mom and never worked outside the home her father was the provider. According to a study done by Geri Ann Galanti who surveyed students of Mexican American heritage the traditional role of the wife in Hispanic culture is to take care of the family, cook clean and care for the children. A good wife should be submissive to her husband and supportive even when she disagrees (Galanti,

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