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Part 1 Points Possible: 80
Of the following three questions, answer two of your choice.
1. As an editor for a newspaper favorable to Thomas Jefferson, you have been asked to write an article explaining what is wrong with Alexander Hamilton's 1789 economic program. What would you say? Because you are a good reporter, you have thoroughly researched the matter. Your answer must deal with all of the major aspects of Hamilton's proposals on the National Bank (Links to an external site.), National Debt (Links to an external site.), and Manufactures (Links to an external site.). As a partisan of Jefferson, you are also well versed in his views on the same subjects because you have read Jefferson's opinion on the National Debt (Links to an
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- Adams found himself isolated from his own cabinet members on most values. Adams's legacy is one of reason, moral leadership, the rule of law, compassion, and a cautious but active foreign policy that aimed both at securing the national interest and achieving an honorable peace.
d. How much did his record as president suffer from the errors of the Federalist party and the attacks of the Republicans?

Adam’s presidency suffered from attacks from the Republican party for attacking the first amendment during the implementation of the Alien and Sedition Acts. Adam’s had trouble keeping the federalist controlled house and senate from doing exactly what they wanted.
3. Part II
Points Possible: 20

Identify and give the historical significance of each of the following:
1. Jay Treaty
- A treaty between the USA and Britain, ensured a sound economy and commercial prosperity. The treaty gave the USA trading privileges, opened up the economy and the British agreed to leave the Northwest Territories.
2. Battle of Fallen Timbers
- US general Anthony Wayne was victorious in the battle of Fallen Timbers against the Northwest Indian Confederation. Ended two decades of boarder wars. This victory eliminated the threat of a British Indian alliance.
3. Citizen Genêt
- Citizen Edmond- Charles Genet was a minister to the US and the US sent him to France to deal with the new French Republic. George Washington

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