Essay on Hiroshima, Nagasaki, And Nagasaki

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Hiroshima and Nagasaki August 6, 1945 The United States Bombed Hiroshima, Nagasaki, Japan. It was the most terrifying and deadliest thing that has happen to Japan. Killing almost three-hundred thousand people instantly. Even civilians that had nothing to do with the wrongs of Japan 's bombing to the U.S. It all started with Japan being angry with the United States, President Roosevelt ban the trade functions of Japan to export oil, steel and iron. The Japan Economy and their military were affected by it immediately. Also Japan was about to be the most powerful naval but America was in the way and they wanted to warn or scare the United States. Japan also wanted to take over Asia but the U.S did not let them, that egered them even more.
December 7th 1941 Pearl Harbor was destroyed by Japan. It was a surprise attack on the U.S naval base on Oahu Island, Hawaii. This lead to World War II, Japan’s allied powers were Germany and Italy. The first bomber arrived at 7:55am, There were nearly two hundred aircraft 's, including torpedo planes, bombers, and fighters. U.S. Army private who noticed this large flight of planes on his radar screen was told to ignore them, since a flight of B-17s from the United States was expected at that time. There were ships that were

targets for the bombers. More than one hundred and eighty aircraft were destroyed. U.S. military casualties totaled more than three-thousand-four hundred , including more than 2,300 killed. The Japanese lost from…

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