Hiroshima Memorial Day Essay

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Even after observing Memorial Day this past Monday, it’s a good bet that most folks have no idea what occurred on that fateful Sunday morning, December 7, 1941 – a day that was to live in infamy – and that is tragic.

Rather, in today’s Obama nation, we grumble over Hiroshima. What is plainly forgotten is that dropping the first atomic bomb on Hiroshima failed to convince the starving Japanese Empire that the war for them was over making Nagasaki necessary three days later.

Your president’s most recent foreign trip took him to the land of the rising sun, Japan. On this visit he made his way to Hiroshima making him the first U.S. president to do so.

How exciting, another Obama presidential first.

When Obama called for an end to
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Pearl Harbor was a sneak attack at dawn on an unassuming Sunday morning less than three weeks before Christmas.

Hiroshima wasn’t.

A few days before the attack, the U.S, dropped leaflets from B-29s written in Japanese urging citizens to evacuate because a major attack was imminent.

If apologies are desired, it is Japan that never apologized for Pearl Harbor. Moreover, they never apologized for the death march at Corregidor where American POWs were merciless forced marched to death. They also never apologized for their butchery in China, Burma and the Philippines, or for their kidnapping and rape of Korean women.

When the first bomb was dropped in August of 1945, a reported 85 percent of Americans favored its use hoping it would put an end to the war, which it ultimately accomplished.

Over the ensuing decades, that thinking has changed like so much of our once clear and concise American reasoning over a number of issues from what defines a marriage to who should use the ladies’ room at Target.

A Gallup poll in 2005, found 57 percent of Americans thought the bomb was necessary, while 38 percent disapproved. Most of those polled were born after World War
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A good number of their grandchildren and great-grandchildren, however, identify with this differently.

The irony is many of them would probably not be here if it wasn’t for the bomb.

Hiroshima is now more of a Rorschach test of moral relativism of our country, our government and the world that over time has been only magnified.

There’s no denying that since the war ended, the Japanese have been one of our best and closest allies. Many see them as a gracious people prone to bowing who dominate the electronics, automobile and motorcycle markets.

During WWII, however, the Japanese were just as malicious and fanatical as ISIS or any other terrorist group and that’s why after the war in their nation’s constitution they were only permitted a small cadre of self-defense forces.

The Japanese weren’t the victims in World War II and an estimated 10 million innocent souls perished because of their murderous lust for world domination.

Pearl Harbor needed to be avenged in such a way that notice is served that the U.S. should not be provoked as the world entered the nuclear age and did so on a grand scale without

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