Hiroshima And Nagasaki Near The End Of World War II Essay

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The Nuking of Hiroshima and Nagasaki near the end of World War II. Was it truly necessary? It wasn’t for multiple reasons. Including the near completion of Operation Downfall, to end an already ended war from the battles of Okinawa to Luzon and some background info of the bombs and operations leading up there use.The events at the end of World War II was a horrific scene made by mankind and it’s crave for constant war.
World War II was one of the bloodiest wars in the world causing the suffering of many. But the decision that would forever change war was made with the introduction of the atomic bomb made by the United States was carried out to eradicate the southern tip of Japan. A few battles before then had already claimed victory for America.
Operation Downfall which is the two operations known as Operation Olympic and Operation Coronet are a two part plan. The first step is Operation Olympic which was the planned arrival on the island known as Kyushu. To land on three different islands and move up to get better ground, and that would set the foundation for Operation Coronet. If Olympia went wrong the whole thing would go wrong. The Japanese are very loyal to their emperor and would die willingly for him. After Operation Olympic was ended the second part Operation Coronet began it was the invasion of Japan the new air base on Kyushu would greatly assist the beach landing of Tokyo it was a well structured plan that was put to rest by President Truman because he wanted to…

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