Hips Feel Good – Dove’s Campaign for Real Beauty Essay examples

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1. Company Name - Executive Summary

Kerstin Dunleavy needs to determine how to maintain Dove’s brand momentum. The key objectives and goals of the Dove product line is to increase market share, develop a strong marketing campaign, retain functional strengths of the brand, maintain the image of the “Real Beauty” campaign, and stay ahead of the competition. Due to the highly competitive industry, marketing communication is critical to ensure campaign momentum. Kerstin must decide how to keep the drive of the initial campaign going.

This report outlines three alternatives that Kerstin has to present to Unilever’s senior management:
1. Expand the current “real women” advertisement
2. Focus on customer communication
3. Expand on
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Segment # 1 2 3 4
Name: Straggler Veteran Quitters (low self-esteem/ overweight/ aged) Insecure Teens
Qualifying Dimensions
Who? 25-39 year old women 30-49 year old women 30+ year old women 12- 18 years old Have not tried any skin-firming products and are not typically users of beauty products. Use body lotions and creams on a regular basis, start using anti-aging products the moments signs of age begin to appear Consider themselves below average, don’t take good care of themselves due to low self esteem Have low self-esteem due to “flawless beauty” advertising and media. Feel the pressures of needing to look attractive
What? Everyday care that is simple to use Specialized beauty care that targets the signs of aging Everyday care that makes them feel unique or special Everyday care When? Year round Year round Year round Year round
Where? Drugstores Superstores, beauty care shops, specialty stores Drugstores Superstores and drugstores
Why? (Needs) Satisfied by positive results of skin care Scared of signs of aging and want to use skin care that helps them look beautiful and youthful Want to use the skin care products that make them feel better about themselves Want to use the skin care products that make them feel better about themselves
How? (Method) Personally buy the product Personally buy the product Personally buy the product Usually receive it as a gift or purchased by parents
Segment Size 15% 30% 45% 10%

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