Hippocrates, Son Of Heraclides And Praxithea Essays

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Hippocrates, son of Heraclides and Praxithea, was born in the fifth century BCE on the Aegean island Cos. He was granted a strong educational foundation based off his family‚Äôs wealth, and began to study and spend most of his time attempting to understand biology and the human body. He produced many ground-breaking theories which have no doubt influenced the modern medicinal procedures and scientific foundations that we use today. There is no doubt that Hippocrates was the ideal and most influential medical professional, as is evident through his consistent promotion of high moral standards in the medical field, the clinical and scrutinous procedures from his school of medicinal knowledge mimiced in modern hospitals, and his ability to separate religion and myth from medical and scientific facts and provide cures for ailments. He was a firm believer of the natural healing process, and stressed the goal of medicine to be to avoid the causes of disease and sickness all together in order to preserve the health and welfare of the human body, and these beliefs and morals should be essential in any and all medical professionals. Hippocrates devoted much of his life to separating physical health and illness from superstition and magic and is credited with publishing many breakthrough theories that have helped to shape how we look at medicine and science in modern society, including those found in the Corpus Hippocraticum, or Hippocratic Corpus. His teachings in the collections…

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