Hippie Counterculture In America

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Racheal Orr
US Civics
May 19, 2017
The Hippie Counterculture
A counterculture is a way of life and set of attitudes opposed to or variance with the prevailing social norm. The biggest counterculture in America is known as the 1960’s Hippie era. The Beatnik or “Hippie” era was between the 1950s and 1960s and ended towards the end of the vietnam war. The hippies were mainly white, educated, young adults, who were born after World War II and the Great Depression (A.K.A. Baby Boomers). This era has changed society and current generations as a whole from Fashion, to music, to the way people live their daily lives. It was a time where America was thriving materialistically, but emotionally and spiritually, it was struggling. Some would
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As stated in Political views and wars in google sites, “Clothes that were inspired by the space race between Russia and USA became very popular and different materials were used such as discs of metal, plastic linked together with wire, leather and PVC. Metallic and neon colours were also popular”(Source 1). Controversy between countries inspired hippies to wear clothing relating to their views of what’s happening. Hippies would often wear clothing that promotes peace with peace signs or messages against the war. When they wore these types of clothing that rebelled against society and the “norms” it inspired generations to express themselves and to take advantage of freedom of …show more content…
Hippies used music and art to spread important ideas, views, and messages. Jill from Infobase Learning reported, “The early sixties saw music becoming more than just entertainment. It was now music with a message. And the messages our poets sang helped us identify with important issues and events that concerned us all”(source 6). This movement helped youth to not fear expressing their beliefs especially through music and the arts. This helped spread knowledge and awareness that was often ignored.

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