Hippa Confidentiality Essays

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HIPAA Confidentiality
Rhonda Hogan
Fonzette Mixon
April 3, 2011

HIV and AIDS affect millions of people worldwide. Some of these people have HIV, only testing positive, whereas others already are diagnosed with AIDS. Still others who have not yet been diagnosed at all may be suffering inside and have no idea he or she is inflicted with this horrible disease. Confidentiality becomes more sensitive when interacting with HIV or AIDS patients. The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) is the law that was enacted “in response to growing concerns about individual’s health information potentially being used inappropriately, causing barriers to health care coverage, and related job mobility impediments”
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HIPAA consists of four parts: Portability, Transaction, Privacy, and Security. Portability indicates the protection of an individual to obtain health insurance under a pre-existing medical condition. Transaction regulates how information is reported regarding enrollment, eligibility, claims, and payment. Privacy provides standards for protected health information, such as name, address, phone number, medical record and social security numbers, and so forth. Security defines “who has access to PHI and how much of the patient information is accessible” (Biel-Cunningham, 2003). Concerning the health information of some illnesses and sicknesses, sensitivity is not as frequent as with patients diagnosed with HIV or AIDS. Breaching of protected health information, especially HIV or AIDS related, is more than just a blatant disregard for the law but can bring forth unnecessary grief and hardship for the suffering person. Even though there may not be visible signs and symptoms, a person may not want his or her condition revealed. “The need to collect sensitive data on HIV infection and AIDS has drawn attention to the issues of authority and confidentiality in public health” (CDC, n.d.). There must be a balance regarding individuals’ privacy rights in comparison to forewarning of others regarding the potential of HIV exposure. Most states require that AIDS

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