Hip Hop Music And Its Impact On Our Society Essay

1079 Words Apr 5th, 2016 null Page
I think that hip-hop music is considered dangerous because the truth. You can’t handle the truth about Hip-Hop and its influences on our youths! Some view hip-hop music purely as a form of entertainment, others see it as glorification of violence, and some see it as a way to express themselves. Hip-hop music encompasses a vast audience, demographically and culturally. Whether you agree, disagree, or undecided hip-hop music for better or worse is impacting our youths and has found a home in our society. Hip-hop music can be positive; it can also have a negative impact on the attitudes and behaviors of our youths. Hip-hop music is known for its realism and is used to talk about everyday life. Description about the drug trade and violent acts are a part of the lyrics in hip-hop music. For years mainstream radio stations ignored rap music because it was considered too loud, vulgar, and full of violence. Many argued that rap music is demeaning to women and rap videos depict women engaging in disorderly conduct. The rap artist who goes by the alias Snoop Dogg in his video “The Next Episode” portrays women in a negative way. These videos also showed men and women using drugs, drinking alcohol, and sporting guns. Many believed that the violent message in rap music has had a negative influence on the youths because it encourages crime rather than denouncing it. Hip-hop artists would refer to drugs that youths had not heard of or been exposed to and this could spark their curiosity…

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