Essay about Hip Hop Is An Inferior Music Form

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Why is hip hop considered an inferior music form? In the discussions of hip-hop, one controversial issue has been that it is a deficient form of music. On the one hand, the minority of people argue that hip-hop is vulgar because of the way it is displayed. On the other hand, the majority of people contend that hip-hop tells a story and should be respected just like any other form of music. Others even maintain that hip-hop is just like any other genre of music so it should not be frowned upon nor praised. My own view is that hip-hop is one of the best forms of musical art there is. It tells the stories of the artists lives and what they have been through. Hip-hop is a valuable musical art form that presents society with the realities of life’s struggles and should be embraced instead of frowned upon. People tend to focus on the negativity of hip hop instead of what the artist is really trying to say. Ross Simmonds, in his article, “The Six Reasons Why You Should Let Your Child Listen to Hip Hop,” asserts that, “ If you can get past some of the language and ignore the songs that are about booty poppin and lip gloss; there really is some quality to be found in the lyrics and skills of these artists.” I trust that the majority of people would agree. Artists like Chance the Rapper, Notorious Big, Childish Gambino, J Cole, Phora, and many more talk about actual real life situations that they had experience. They write about the struggles they have been through, but sadly all…

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