Hip Hop Is An Evolving Youth Culture Essay

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“Hip Hop is Now: An Evolving Youth Culture” by Carl and Virgil Taylor is an article from a journal that discusses the relationship between youth and hip hop culture. The article explains why Hip-Hop music includes violence, drug abuse, misogyny, and hypersexualization so excessively, yet youth ignore the vulgarity of it and enjoy it. Carl and Taylor interview different young adults and gain their perspectives on hip hop and how it influences them. The article then takes these views and attempt to help adults and those who question hip hop to understand them. The article educates adults about the way youth perceive ideas of loss of hope, tragedy, and morals in a way they can understand and sympathize with. Its also explained that these ideas are tied into youth’s everyday life and struggles. The article highlights that adults and youth experience the same type of situations adults do, they just handle it in a different manner. The article effectively gives a perspective of what hip hop means to youth and their everyday lives, however it falls short in giving a strong adult perspective, providing credible sources, and stating the consequences of hip hop. In this paper the writer’s background and ethos, publication context and audience, purpose and genre, tone and style, claims and evidence, logical fallacies, and content will be discussed. The passion and drive that the authors have regarding this topic is well explained by writers’ background and ethos.
Writers’ Background…

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