Hip Hop Culture And Rap Music Essay

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The Black Lives Matter movement, which began in 2013, is directly, actively, and importantly implicated within hip-hop culture and rap music because both dynamics, are a “self-defense mechanism that counterattacks the system of white world supremacy” (Chang, 2005, pg. 289). It was also “the first popular form of black music that offered little or no hope to its audience,” and like the Black Lives Matter movement, continues to cross many dominant, social boundaries. (Forman & Neal, 2012, pg. 486). Since hip hop culture has existed, and become involved with American politics, initiatives have been made by members of this community, referred to as hip hop activists, to “create a sense of community and responsibility, and to define a new praxis of politics and culture,” during a time in which these black bodies were isolated and marginalized (Chang, 2005, pg. 454). This even prompted the creation of social movements in Compton and Brooklyn, where hip hop culture was becoming more prominent, and “used graffiti, b-boying, and DJ-ing to educate and organize around education, gentrification, and juvenile detention facilities (455). Black Lives Matter is more than a merely hashtag or social media craze, but rather expresses white cultural resistance. Black defiance is not a new nor modern phenomenon because even in rap’s earliest days, Grandmaster Flash and Furious Five’s song, “The Message,” was used as social consciousness and “edutainment” in order to express a “communal sense of…

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