Hip Hop Culture And Culture Essay

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From its roots in the depths of Jamaica’s political uprisings to its role in fostering togetherness in the south Bronx, hip-hop culture is a phoenix: born from the ashes of a dejected, scorned community which blossomed into a vibrant, rich culture. Political and social tensions, in conjunction with diverse artistic movements, influenced the culture and expression of hip-hop; a movement which began in the seven-mile world of the South Bronx and eventually became a global sensation. Hip-hop was formed long before it had a name and a distinct sound. In its essence, hip-hop was formed as a response and a continuation of the fight for social justice. Certainly, as a musical genre, hip-hop’s development from existing musical style is evident. Musical styles such as blues and jazz, with roots and themes connected to slaves’ African homeland, brought together broken communities with a common thread: an outlet through which to both grieve and to cling to with hope. Hip-hop music provided the same reprieve for communities in the necropolis of the New York Bronx. Other musical genres popular at the time—soul music, disco, R&B, and funk—also impacted hip-hop’s evolution. Particularly, James Brown is touted as one of the most influential forces in hip-hop. His rhythmic styles inspired similar sounds and beats in hip-hop tracks, his dance moves initiated early b-boy style, and his unapologetic dedication to the Black Power Movement united even white listeners (Chang 77, 93, 117).…

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