Hip Hop And Rap Music Essay example

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Within recent years, people have been quick to blame hip-hop music for a trend in youth violence and the bad habits they have inherited over the years. As a massive hip-hop head myself, that is nothing but ignorance to me. It’s never been about the music and the music has never been the problem… if anything, hip-hop has been the most important outlet for our youth. From the ever too common East Coast – West Coast rivalry, to the death of Tupac & Biggie, to even the notion of past rappers who are in the limelight now having been drug dealers and cons in the past, the impact of hip-hip is indisputable. Ever since the rise of rap and hip-hop music, teens have been turning to them to help solve their problems. Despite our youth being exposed to offensive ideas along the way, hip-hop is a vital piece in their development and awareness of the world around them. Hip-hop and rap music have influenced youth culture in many ways but particularly in how they express themselves. This incorporates how they dress, talk, and how they voice themselves in many social groups. Since its origin over 35 years ago, hip-hop has continued to thrive across North America and has been a $30 billion a year industry. Rap, which is generally now called hip-hop, is a cultural force that has been able to see successful results when paired with existing clothing lines as well as in creating its own. A perfect example of hip-hop’s ability to sell was in 1999 when Tommy Hilfiger reported an increase in…

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