Essay about Hip Hop And Hip Rap Music

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In today’s world, the genre of hip-hop is tremendously popular. If you’re flipping through the channels on your radio, watching MTV, or hanging out at a party, there is a high probability that you will hear some sort of hip-hop. Hip-hop music is influential in numerous aspects of our generation’s lives, which is why it is important to analyze what hip-hop music has to say. Hip-hop music has acquired a bad connotation associated with its lyrics and message, but rappers defend that it is what the public wants and that people continue to listen to it and buy their albums. Hip-hop music portrays men and women in a particular way, creates music based of the publics wants, and is homophobic and homoerotic. If you are a male in the hip-hop industry, it seems as if you must convey the message that you are “hard” and that no one can mess with you. In the 2006 documentary, Hip-hop: Beyond Beats & Rhymes by Byron Hurt, he listens to a group of young aspiring rappers. After hearing them rap, Byron Hurt says, “All they seem to rhyme about is gun play, killing other men, being tough, invulnerable, feminizing other men, and putting fear into another man’s heart (Hip-hop:Beyond Beats & Rhymes).” It is not only these young artists describing themselves as a gangster, but almost every rapper in the hip-hop industry. For example, a well-known rap artist, Juicy J, commonly uses the same type of lyrics. In his song, “Errbody Wave”, he raps in the first line of the song, “Turn a nigga house to…

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