Hip Hop : A Genre Of Music Essay

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Hip hop is a genre of music born over 50 years ago in the South Bronx in New York City by young African Americans. It is a sensation today and widely consumed and enjoyed by many across different age groups and a myriad of racial and cultural backgrounds. Despite its widespread popularity, it is often associated with negativity, criminality, drug use, violence, guns and most of all, it is considered as a genre of music that debases women and blacks in general. Others argue that hip hop is a tool for change, and a sign of hope for the hopeless. This essay will attempt to balance the arguments from both worldviews. I will first elaborate on hip hop as the voice of the voiceless, a source of entertainment, education and hope.
For African Americans, hip hop has been used as a gateway and a means to break the vicious cycle of powerlessness and poverty that has plagued their community since the time of slavery. It was aimed to make a statement about the plight of African Americans in society. Hip hop artists target the American justice system and condemn the mass, indiscriminate and unjust incarceration of many young men. Hip hop is by far the pop culture that is not afraid to critique the government out loud. Hip hop brought to light the fact that schools have been sacrificed so prisons may be built. Incarceration has affected almost every black in America and hip hop artists take it personally. They are often heard acknowledging their friends and relatives in incarceration in…

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