Hinton Rowan 's On Slavery Essay

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Hinton Rowan Helper was a supporter in the Southern who was against slavery. He influenced people of the South which made his names as son of the south. Hinton was a critic of slavery who wanted to stop slavery so it doesn’t affect ordinary white people economically. Hinton Rowan Helper was an non slaveholder and was worried about how slavery will impact on the master class or the black bondsmen. Hinton Rowan Helper was against George Fitzhugh and had a huge debate against slavery. George Fitzhugh believed that slavery was a positive good while Hinton Rowan Helper believed that slavery will cause social, economic, and political effects on whites if slavery continued. Hinton Rowan Helper feared that slavery would affect ordinary whites in poverty and backwardness so he started an argument against slavery which sparked the the North and South’s attention. Hinton’s influenced in stopping slavery made the North and South to start picking sides between George Fitzhugh and Hinton Rowan Helper. Both Hinton Rowan Helper and George Fitzhugh had a debate battle of words between the slavery. This took place in the late 1850’s (1857). The argument of Hinton Rowan Helper was in North Carolina and Virginia. The significances was it sparked and introduced the beginning of a war known as the Civil war. Also, it made a fight between North and South between abolition of slavery or not.
Nullification Crisis happened during the presidency of Andrew Jackson in 1828 to 1832. The Nullification…

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