Hindustan Aeronautics Limited Case Study

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Hindustan Aeronautics limited (HAL) is a public sector Navratna company under Defence Ministry of India, operating in Aerospace manufacturing domain. Hal aims to follow and promote good sustainable practices through commitment to enhance triple bottom line standards of social, environmental and economic performance.
Hal has been focusing on conservation of flora and fauna, environment protection, employee welfare and society as a whole. As part of its CSR and sustainability activities, implemented several schemes in the divisions or units to improve primary healthcare, rainwater harvesting, primary school education, sewage treatment plants and sapling. Over the years HAL has been implementing corporate social responsibility through various
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Challenges Solutions Reduction in Disposable water bottles By using reusable eco-friendly water bottles and tumblers. Reduction in energy consumption Tupperware smart steamer and stack cooker helps in conserving energy and avoid reheating meals. Reduction in packaging Organizing pantry and freezer for bulk quantities of food by using Tupperware case. Reduction of plastic waste Durable products reduce the amount of plastic disposables.


Business strategy is based on educating, enlightening and empowering girls and women and build confident self-dependent women who will sustain in the society. Tupperware empower its employees to provide sustainable solutions to improve the quality.

As a leader in driving positive change in women life, Tupperware offers educational opportunities with power returns fostering tomorrow’s generation i.e. Children. So to achieve this Tupperware Brands fund and the WHO foundation has been established. As per the business strategy business packages and competitive salaries contribute to retain, motivate and attract employees which is critical for the future success. It also promotes healthy living for its workforce and provides them a safe and clean workplace. They offer support to the associates and their families through services and comprehensive benefits, financial security, health and welfare benefits, income replacement programs and a work-life balance.
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 Benefit plans
 Global Health Initiatives like
 Eco bikes for employees
 Regular blood drives
 Regular vision testing
 Ergonomically designed furniture etc.


Tupperware strive to reduce energy use, waste and greenhouse gases through all manufacturing processes by following “Reduce, Reuse and Recycle” Conservation program. A number of initiatives and efforts were taken to establish itself as a sustainable company like:

 Ecofriendly construction standards using sustainable building material with all-digital and paperless focus.
 Paints standards used in the campus and buildings to have zero volatile organic compounds.
 Use of indoor climate control system for cooling system instead of potentially harmful refrigerants.
 Replacement of high energy consuming lights with energy friendly LED bulbs.
 Building Automation system for lightening the campus, using HVAC system, referred as intelligent buildings.
 Energy-conserving control lights, motion sensors to control lights and use of natural lights in building.
 Electronics recycling which shreds and separates electronics parts into original materials of steel, plastic, aluminum, glass etc. which prevents electronic

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