Hinduism 's Relationship Between People And Dharma Essay

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Hinduism believe in the relationship between people and Dharma. A place that we call our world is the ‘conventional world’, where we experience and observe different phenomena; interact and encounter different objects through our senses. This is the reality we easily understand because we can sense it. Objects and ourselves are carried through by the senses. Touching, seeing and feeling prove its existence. However, these senses have the potential to develop anger and desire, which can lead us to the wrong path. It is a conventional world because these objects have labels. We create concept, categories and names. Scientist who discovers new viruses, already categorized it as a virus, in addition to further differentiate it by naming the virus. In contrast, Dao uses similes and metaphors to express himself instead of categorizing. While Buddhist ideas do not name or classify anything at all.
‘Maya’ refers to dream or illusion depicted by Hinduism; the world described as ultimate. The conventional and ultimate world is real nonetheless, therefore using the term ‘ultimate’ lead people into thinking that on the other side, this world is better than that. However, there is no sense of hierarchy, because two realities are real and calling it Maya, which means illusion is misleading in its context. Instead of using ultimate to describe the worlds, it is better to use ‘transcendent’. These two worlds are completely different and separated. Why should we care about this reality?…

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