Hinduism Is The Sacred Power Of The Universe Essay

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India is one of the most diverse countries in the world, where many colorful cultures reside. It is not only home to a variety of religions, but is also home to Hinduism, which in itself has many various ways of devotion and worship. It has many different types of worship, texts and gods. This is one reason Hinduism is so popular. It can be molded to fit the individual worshiper. There are three main classes in Hinduism each with their own focus when it comes to Puja or worship. Vedic Hinduism focuses on ritual, and Vedanta puts grereater emphasis on meditation. The last variation is Epic Hinduism in which you worship by showing great devotion to the gods. Vedic and Epic Hinduism are theistic, and Vedanta Hinduism is monistic. Theistic deals with a personal god. Monisim is belief is a holy or sacred realm, Think of the Force in Star Wars. A common theme in all forms of Hinduism is Brahman, the sacred power of the universe. Everything in the universe is Brahman, and the physical world is just Brahman appearing as the objects. The physical world is known as Maya. Another common theme is Reincarnation, or rebirth. This relates to Karma, which literally means action. There is good karma and bad karma, and it not only deals with your actions but also what you think. In the Hindu universe there is no luck, you always get what you deserve. Karma helps dictate how you are reincarnated so if you do bad deeds you might be reincarnated as a vulture or a demon, and if you do good…

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