Hinduism, Hinduism And Islam Essay

1132 Words Mar 23rd, 2016 null Page
In both religions, Hinduism and Islam, there are many beliefs and rules an individual must follow when their belief is either of these religions. For people that follow these beliefs but live in the United States, it has to put a stress on an individual’s life. They are constantly asking themselves what is considered to be appropriate and inappropriate, especially when it comes to sexuality. During your college years, you are exposed to more than what your family protects you from, so do the experiences that college has to offer such as alcohol, drugs or premarital sex tempt these individuals.
Since the Islamic religions believe in regulating marriages, this makes it extremely hard for a person of this religion to develop into their own personality. In Hinduism dharma, gives guidelines to how husbands, wives, children should conduct themselves. This shelters the child to be the way the parent or the religion wants them to be. (Browning) As a child, we are brought up the way our parents raise us, for children that are raised in Hinduism and Islamic religions they are sheltered to a lot of the diversity that the world actually is. Although this is usually the same for many families, when a child adventures off to college, they are then able to develop their own views, and find their own beliefs, well that’s the case for most individuals in America, because after all we are the land of the free. This is not the case for individuals that are brought up in the Islamic and…

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