Hinduism, Buddhism And Hinduism Essay

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Religions can be found in all places all over the world for example India. There are many religions that began in India, such as Vedic, Jainism, Buddhism and Hinduism. These religions are closely related, but can differ in certain ways. The Vedic was the biggest culture in India. Afterwards, the new religions started coming in such as Jainism, Buddhism and Hinduism. These four cultures were the main religions in most parts of India. The Vedic culture was one of the biggest culture in India by 1500 B.C.E. It beginned when the Indo-European nomads who go by the Aryans moved into the Indus Valley (Judge and John 48). The Aryans enjoyed competition and gambling. They also glorified warfare and when they would move to a new village they would pray to their god Indra, the wielder of thunderbolts and destroyer of towns.This is portrayed in their holy text n called the Vedas. They used sacred hymns for their rituals since they had no writing, it was performed in oral form (Judge and John 48). Only after the 800 B.C.E was it written down. The Aryans, whose name means “noble” will call those who they defeated Dasa, which means “subjects” or “slave.” Later they began to intermarry with Dravidian speakers and the Aryan culture began to mix with the spirituality of india. As they began to mix they started to focus more fertility and stressed the cycles of nature such as destruction and rebirth (Judge and John). After the Vedic culture, many new religions began. Jainism became a new…

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