Hinduism, Buddhism, And Hinduism Essay

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According to the website “The term 'Hindu ' was derived from the river or river complex of the northwest, the Sindhu. Sindhu is a Sanskrit word used by the inhabitants of the region, the Aryans in the second millennium BCE. Later migrants and invaders, the Persians in the sixth century BCE, the Greeks from the 4th century BCE, and the Muslims from the 8th century CE, used the name of this river in their own languages for the land and its people” ( BBC, 2014) Hinduism has a vast array of practices and beliefs found within it. It is also closely associated conceptually and historically with other Indian religions such as, Jainism, Buddhism, and Sikhism. The spiritual interpretations of this religion spans from intense asceticism and to extreme sensuality, from personal devotion to a deity, to the abstract philosophy, from representing metaphysical declaration of the singularity behind the material world to worship of images representing a multipli-city of deites. In addition, The Hindu "religion" used to be known as Vaidya Dharma or Vedic Dharma and even Yoga Dharma, as it has the Vedas for its authority, source and its essence is Yoga. Thus is also more commonly known as Sanatana Dharma as it characterizes and embodies values and doctrines which are of eternal validity. In addition, as Fisher states, “the Hindi word “dharma,” often translated into English simply as “religion,” refers to a broad complex of meanings, encompassing duty, natural law, social welfare, ethics,…

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