Hinduism And Zoroastrianism From The Silk Road And Ancient Civilizations

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Hinduism and Zoroastrianism emerged from the Silk Road and would continue to develop throughout history. The role of sacrifice greatly impacted such development amongst these two religions. However, over time sacrifice would cease to exist for the most part. In conducting research, my focus is spent by tracing the origins of sacrifice as well as these two religions from the Silk Road and ancient civilizations/cultures; the application and role of sacrifice in both Hinduism and Zoroastrianism; as well as the disappearance of sacrifice in both religions.

The origins of both the practice of sacrifice and the religious traditions trace back to the Silk Road, which would develop the application of sacrifice and these two religious traditions throughout history amongst ancient civilizations and cultures. From more than 3,000 years ago, the foundation of sacrifice and religious tradition was bound to the warlike people throughout Central Eurasia.

The significance of these ancient peoples can be seen contributing to modernity as well as to the religious traditions of Hinduism and Zoroastrianism. At this point, religion was embodied with the rituals conducted daily, including hunting, funerals, and others of the same sort. Archaeological evidence points towards animal sacrifice of such animals as horses, dogs, and oxen from excavated burial sites.

The culture of these ancient civilizations also valued the importance of the chariot. As a heavy warlike culture, horse-drawn…

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