Hinduism And Its Effect On The Position On Abortion Essay

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Hinduism is a belief that can suit a large variety of people. Based on personality type or choice, a person can select his or her individual path to God through four types of yoga: Bhakti, Jnana, Karma, and Raja. At any point in time when they a parishioner feels as a form of yoga is no longer guiding them to enlightenment, he or she can choose a different yoga of his or her choice in order to further himself or herself on the path to reach Atman. Although Hinduism has a general outline for followers to think and meditate, the religion is generally freeing in the sense that people can personalize his or her journey to God. There are such a variety of paths to take that no two paths can be identical. The concept of individuality in Hinduism overflows to its position on abortion. Since followers can practice divergent approaches to God, opinions on bioethics can be similarly divergent. Consequently, Hinduism doesn’t have an official stance on abortion, just individual positions. Although Hinduism tolerates individual views of abortion, the basic tenet of the sanctity of life seems to predominate most of the culture. A poll showed that 80% of women in India looked disapprovingly at abortion while 56% considered it a hateful crime.
The origin of this popular Hindu position is rooted within a multitude of religious books and teachings. In Sanskrit, a classical language in India and one of the most ancient of the world’s languages, the word bhrūṇahan means “killer of an embryo”…

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