Essay about Hinduism And Buddhism : Buddhism

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Hinduism and Buddhism are both highly practiced religions in the world today. Hinduism is the third largest religious practice with around 375 million followers and Buddhism is the fourth largest with around 360 million followers Both religions were originally founded in southeast Asia, Hinduism originated in India and Buddhism originated in Nepal. Both of the religions are large in size and are originally founded in close geographical areas, but have many differences. Hinduism was founded between 2300-1500 BC in the Indus Valley. There is no single founder of Hinduism but the religion grew from cultural and religious changes throughout India. There is not one God in the Hinduism religion, but many that can take multiple different forms. People who practice Hinduism also believe in reincarnation, which is rebirth after death. How one acts in their life will determine who or what they reincarnate into, this is known as karma. The only way to end reincarnation is to achieve moksha or salvation; this puts an end to the cycle of rebirths. Unlike other religions, there is not one book or set of guidelines in Hinduism. Instead there are many sacred books and beliefs that people of Hinduism follow. The primary works that Hindus follow are called the Vedas that contain sacred verses and hymns. There are four of these sacred literary works that have been created for the Hindu religion. Two other important texts to the Hindu faith are the Upanishads and the Bhagavad Gita. In…

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