Hinduism And Buddhism And Hinduism Essay

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Hinduism and Buddhism
Hinduism and Buddhism are two of the five major religions in the world. They are widely practiced, and have been around for centuries. Like every other religion they both have similarities and differences. In this paper I will show you the structure of each religion and I would also like to show how they compare and contrast.
Hinduism is a very common religion but also there are many that aren’t aware of the foundation of Hinduism. Well it is more accurate to say that no one is totally sure of where Hinduism had originated nor do they know the real founder. I found from the website (Internet Sacred text Archive) that the Vedas are Hindus oldest written documents and were written down in 1500 B.C. but they had been around orally long before. The Vedas are where Hinduism gets its beliefs and rules from. Today, Hinduism is the world 's third largest religion. Hinduism experienced many changes since they first practiced it. Hinduism consist of many different sects, or denominations, and beliefs that have arisen. Though, there are many similarities with all of the Hindu sects. Their basic beliefs are what ties them together.
The Hindu religion has many beliefs. One being reincarnation. The religion of Hinduism explains that every living body, as well as animals, has an eternal soul. On the website (Hinduwebsite.com) they clarified Hinduism beliefs in reincarnation in that Hindus have faith that the individual soul is a part of the creator spirit, Brahma. It…

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