Essay on Hindu Temple Of Southwest Florida

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For our site visits we decided to do Hinduism and Episcopalians because we felt that they are two different kinds of religions and I had no idea what it really was. My group consisted of myself, Jett, Bill and Joe we decided to go to the Hindu Temple of Southwest Florida and St. Hilarys. The Hindu Temple of Southwest Florida has three main deities which are the focus of the temple. The deities of this temple are Ganesh, Krishna, and Shiva which was very interesting because I was expecting to see Brahma the supreme god of Hinduism. There were other gods that I felt could have been important that also should have been there. Also in the Episcopalian faith which is a very different form of Christianity than the faith I was raised in which was Catholicism. Both of these faiths are very different in how they present their rituals.
The first god we came across was Shiva, this god is said to be one of the most powerful gods in Hinduism. Shiva’s role in the universe is that he is part of the triumvirate and is responsible for also creating the universe but modifying it when it is needed. A little about Shiva, he is married to Parvati another goddess this bond creates stability. Also Shiva is a very important god to Hindu’s that are part of the Shaivism group because that’s who they put most of their focus on. The most popular god in Hinduism is Krishna because he is considered to be a supreme god and is a reincarnation of Vishnu. When Krishna was young it is said that he was able…

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