Hilton Hotels Essay

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Hilton Hotels: Brand Differentiation through Customer Relationship Management Hilton hotel was founded by Conrad Hilton, and established in 1919. It has been operated in 78 countries, began with the mobley hotel in cisco, texas. The company went public under the name Hilton Hotels Corporation in 1946, with a portfolio of 15 properties in 11 states. After spinning off the international unit in 1964, Hilton focused on domestic growth in the lodging segment as well as through diversification into casinos and vacation ownership. A strong commitment to economies of scale was made in 2000 with the acquisition of Promus Hotel Corporation, a transaction that pushed Hilton close to the 1,700 properties mark. In 2005 Hilton Hotels bought back …show more content…
The nervous system of the Hilton Hotels Corporation was a comprehensive, integrated infrastructure known as OnQ. OnQ enable company’s Customer Really Matter (CRM) initiative. To satisfy customers, Hilton OnQ give total technology solution, deliver competitive advantage, and leading edge technology with reduced costs. Hilton did this because customers are value maximizers. They form an expectation of value and act on it. Buyers will buy from the firm that they perceive to offer the highest customer-delivered value, defined as the difference between total customer benefit and total customer cost. Hilton famous brand was also took effect in buyer’s expectations, because a buyer’s satisfaction is a function of the product’s perceived performance and the buyer’s expectations. Recognizing that high satisfaction leads to high customer loyalty, Hilton were also aiming for TCS (Total Customer Satisfaction), because it is both a goal and a marketing tool. For Hilton, CRM was a way to use technology to give power to solidify relationships with their best customers, which focuses on developing programs to attract and retain the right customers and meeting the individual needs of those valued customers. The technology enabler was OnQ CRM, an application built on the OnQ infrastructure that consolidated far-flung customer data and produced comprehensive arrival reports. The firm identified recognition,

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