Essay on `` Hills Like White Elephants `` By Ernest Hemingway

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Dogs on Hills In the short story, "Hills like White Elephants," by author Ernest Hemingway who was published in 1927 writes about a couple waiting for their train to arrive. An American man and the girl he calls "Jig" in Spain. Throughout this story the American is trying to convince Jig to have a particular operation. Which the readers later find out is an abortion. On another note, in the story, "The Lady with the Dog" written by Anton Chekhov who was published in 1899 talks about an older gentleman who becomes fascinated by a married women. Although the protagonist disparages women and calls them "the lower race," he secretly acknowledges that he is more at ease in their company. Hemingway and Chekhov 's themes portray their views on women and how they are thought of as the lesser sex. To begin, "Hills Like White Elephants" takes place at a train station. Which adds to the story because Jig is at a cross road in her life. If she keeps the baby and settles down or aborts it like the American man wants and continue to travel. Multiple times Hemingway 's unnamed American male protagonist dominates the meeker, weaker-sexed Jig in terms of her femaleness, her youth (she is the girl as opposed to the woman who tends bar), and her foreignness (because he receives the specific national identification, we may deduce that it 's meant to distinguish his from hers) until, broken, she submits to his will and consents to aborting the child (Literature Resource Center). The man in the…

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