Hills Like White Elephants By Ernest Hemingway Essay

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In 1927, Ernest Hemingway crafted the short fiction story, “Hills Like White Elephants”. Since then, critiques and readers have addressed the literary elements, symbolism, and themes associated in this short story. “Hills Like White Elephants” includes literary elements important to the story and symbols, as well as a major theme, feminism.
A man and a woman, mentioned as Jig later in the story (Hemingway 100), are seated outside of a building waiting on the train to come in a Spanish town (Hemingway 99). The setting plays a crucial role in the story. The two are having a serious conversation, but are in a neutral, every-day setting. Jig and her significant other are seated across from one another drinking in a casual atmosphere, while waiting on the train to come. Jig and the man are the two main characters in the story. I would personally consider the unborn child the two are discussing an important character, because without him/her, this particular event would not be happening.
There is a very serious tone used throughout the essay because it is a very serious matter. The mood is also very serious. However, Jig many times tries to break the serious tone in the story by stating the hills look like white elephants (Hemingway 100). If Jig or the man were narrating the story, I believe the mood and tone would vary some. However, the point of view is written from a third party, making it third-person point of view. The narrator uses words like he, she, them, they to…

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