`` Hills Like White Elephant `` By Ernest Hemingway Essays

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Couples throughout our world are faced with a crucial struggle which is abortion. Many view this situation as ending an innocent’s life before it begins, or as easily getting rid of the problem before it even became one. In the short story “Hills like White Elephant”, the compensation of abortion can easily be seen between Jig and her American lover’s decision whether to keep the innocent’s life or not. Ernest Hemingway uses the fiction element plot, symbolism, and setting to illustrate the theme of abortion in “Hills like White Elephants.”
“Hills like White Elephants” allows readers to generalize the dramatic dialogue of the plot behind this short story. The exposition of the fiction story explains the setting of a young couple waiting for the train. While waiting, the couple enjoyed alcoholic beverages while Jig, the young woman, noticed the hills. She soon began to describe and compare the hills as if they resembled white elephants. After Jig began to realize what white elephants represented, she began the discussion towards her procedure. The climax arises when Jig pronounced, “Would you please please please please please please please stop talking?” (Hemingway 132). This sentence represented the climax of the conversation she and her American lover have toward the abortion. This ended the conversation filled with tension and led to the couple receiving the drinks while waiting for their upcoming train. The short story ended with the couple acting normal, pushing the…

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