Hillary Clinton 2014 Rhetorical Analysis Essay

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The 2016 Presidential Campaign Election is heating up. With only four months away, it will be decided who will become the president of the United States. Americans are now choosing who they will pick in the upcoming election; however, running for office and getting people’s votes can be an extremely difficult task. Therefore, a great and very popular way to persuade viewers to vote for a candidate is through political advertisements. Political advertisements can help to reveal all of the things one wishes to accomplish in their term if elected president. Hillary Clinton, former United States Secretary, used this type of particular political advertisement effectively. After analyzing Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign political advertisement, I found this particular advertisement to use a large abundance of pathos to appeal to her audience, which worked in her favor.

In Clinton’s political advertisement, it shows different people being challenged by their new encounters in their lives. For example, in the political
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However, in Hillary’s campaign advertisement, she doesn 't mention anything that appeals to the audience’s intelligence and it was a great decision in not doing so. The advertisement’s specific and most important purpose seemed to be to connect to people’s emotions and feelings. If Clinton had tried to mention anything other than that, including an appeal to ethos which establishes credibility, it would have knocked her audience completely off. This could result in Clinton losing voters. If Clinton would have just went on about her position and why she should be elected President of the United States, her audience would have been bored and uninterested. Fortunately, Clinton focused more on connecting to her audience’s personal experiences, feelings, and emotions. She brought them together as her own and showed a sense of vulnerability to her

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