Hillary Clinton Essay

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In today’s era of Youtube, the mass media plays an important role in covering facts and features of elections. Right from the campaigning to voting to election of a candidate, all news events are covered by the media. Politics is a tough and rough game and each country needs a democratic nominee who is willing to protect the country from all evils. The recent elections of 2008 were indeed the most historical presidential elections in the history of U.S. Illinois Senator Barack Obama became the 44th president of the United State. During the election, there was this first lady, named Hillary Rodham Clinton, who expressed her interest in the presidential election of 2008. Until then, in the history of presidential election in United State, …show more content…
Solis Doyle had become the senior adviser and campaign manager on 10th February, 2008 but she failed to manage the campaign properly and had claimed that ongoing primary campaign had resulted in Clinton resigning from the post. For managing the campaign Maggie Williams was appointed and she took the authority to settle down all the policy disputes and initial strategy. After that Mike Henry was appointed as deputy manager and continued a web-based operation. In April 2008, Mark Penn resigned from the campaign and Geoff Garin took his place as a chief strategist. Since then a change was observed in the strategies and Clinton continued to work for her campaign. Campaigning activities and fundraising program
It was since October 2002 that media was drawing conclusion about whether Clinton would opt to be a candidate for 2008 presidential election. In January 2007, Hillary Clinton made an announcement that she would form an exploratory committee and would join the race of nomination of the Democratic Party. Then she started activities on raising funds and campaigning. The supporters of the campaign framed Hillary Clinton as a trueleader in terms of humanity and assured people that she would reach out to all those who needs her help. They also requested the American people to join the team of Clinton in order to make a positive impact in the world.
Hillary was able to manage subsequent opinion polls in her favor. In the national polls, in the year 2007, she

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