Hill Incontinence Care Plan Essay

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Ackley: Nursing Diagnosis Handbook, 10th Edition

Clinical Reasoning and Critical Thinking: Use of the Nursing Process

Case Study - Mrs. Hill (Incontinence)

Case Studies

Case Scenario

“Oh, this is awful,” Jenny muttered to herself. She was sitting on the toilet with a pair of very wet panties and slacks around her ankles. Jenny never knew when it would hit―this need to urinate quickly. She would find herself running to the bathroom like a woman possessed and then usually not making it in time. “It also seems like I’m peeing all the time,” she said. “This is getting old really fast,” she thought, as she continued trying to squeeze the urine out of her panties using quantities of toilet paper.

Nursing Assessment Including
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The complete nursing diagnostic statement is: Urge Incontinence related to frequent sudden urge to void, evident by inability to delay urination after strong sudden desire to void. Report of increasing urinary accidents over the past year.


Click here to access the Ackley and Ladwig care plan constructor for assistance in formulating a care plan: http://coursewareobjects.elsevier.com/objects/elr/Ackley/NDH10e/careplanconstructor/.
1. Write a client outcome to help Mrs. Hill resolve the symptoms (i.e., defining characteristics). Refer to Section III of the Ackley and Ladwig text.
Outcome: Client is continent of urine or verbalizes management of urine. Tissue Integrity: Skin and Mucous Membranes, Urinary Continence, Urinary Elimination
Nursing interventions:
(i)Request client to describe episodes of incontinence; note descriptions of “feeling the need suddenly to void, and being unable to delay urine output, and inability to get to restroom in time. ~URGE INCONTINENCE OCCURS WHEN THE BLADDER

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