Hildegard Peplau's Theory Of Nursing Theory

Nursing theories are the cornerstone of nursing practice. They assist in molding the nurse to provide the best possible care for the patient by guiding nursing practice, fostering health promotion, integrating health education, and advancing nursing knowledge. Nursing theories provide a framework that influences the present and future of nursing practice. Nurses utilize a number of theories in daily practice throughout their careers. In this way, the nurse is able to choose the specific theory that is suitable for the particular situation or patient. This paper will introduce and analyze Hildegard Peplau’s theory of interpersonal relations and how it impacts current and future practice along with the metaparadigm concepts of patient, environment, …show more content…
These four concepts of nursing are deeply rooted in Peplau’s theory of interpersonal relations. Patient’s decide their own health while the nurse provides the necessary knowledge and expertise to aid the patient in making the right decisions to achieve their goals. The concept of patient can be defined as the individual, family, group, or population (Jarrin, 2012). The postoperative adult patient requires teaching in order to be safely discharged. For example, the patient may have a new ostomy due to surgery that they need to manage at home in terms of emptying the bag and changing the appliance. The patient and/or family member needs to be psychologically ready to tackle this new way of living in order for the education to be successful. Only then can the patient and/or nurse set measurable goals for …show more content…
Peplau’s theory focuses on health education and building upon what the patient already knows, which is essential in nursing practice. Attentive listening and counseling skills are implemented in this theory as well (Penckofer, Byrn, Mumby, & Ferrans, 2011). Advanced practice nurses need to build a trusting nurse-patient relationship in order to guide and encourage the patient to make good life choices. In this way, the patient is more involved in their own care.
Nursing theories provide a framework to explain the phenomena that is experienced in health. In primary care, the advanced practice nurse is responsible for a variety of patients who are in need of expert care. She/he must be a leader, teacher, resource, and a counselor to foster a therapeutic relationship with the patient. Hildegard Peplau’s theory allows the advanced practice nurse to choose from a variety of roles depending upon the type of situation that is encountered. In this way, the patients are ensured the best possible care in order to aid in their full recovery and

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