Hightower Case Study

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Hope Allen
Discussion Board 4 BMAL 504
Liberty University Dr. Quinn
February 21, 2018

Evaluate the pacing and sequencing of Hightower’s actions from 1988 to 1994.

In 1987, The Disney organization named Dennis Hightower vice president of Disney Consumer Products- Europe. Disney didn’t equip Hightower with a structure plan in the forefront but he was aware that improvements were needed along with change to be accomplish within the organization. Hightower says, “My role is to step back, take a global view, and evaluate trade offs” (Jick & Peiperl, 2011, p. 417). He revamped and brought success to Europe division with creative services and marketed the company to such a reputable company. There were retail value growth from 650 millions in 1987 to 3.5 billion in 1993. Hightower took an immediate change with a fast efficient pace and began to implement change. Around 1994 a slower pace took effect as Hightower planned for his succession.

How would you evaluate Hightower's approach to
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Dennis believed that his subordinate leaders should be empowered, and he wanted employees to have belong but not interfere at his level. I think the approach that Dennis took compares to Jack Welch, he created an environment to help others succeed and to have a level of self confidence. They both connected with people and wanted to create an environment where fairness and honesty were present. “Effective managers do more than recognize that their behaviors are implicitly supported by their values” (Fisher, 1989). They both showed these qualities and which has “Use it to guide your change initiatives, identify areas for improvement, and develop leadership skills to accelerate engagement” (Regier,

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