Higher Usage Of Student Aid Essay

1237 Words Mar 15th, 2016 5 Pages
The simple brain of a teenager is easily overwhelmed by the thought of college. It is no secret that expenses for an adequate education is outrageous. How can the frenzied mind of a teen fluently intake and comprehend all the information and costs of a college education? Simply put, many cannot do so, but one truly should not have to. Decades ago, this was not a concern whatsoever. Elite children attended college and the remaining population went straight to work. Although, as times have gone by and modernization has occurred, a college education is now a common occurrence and is often required. College tuition is rising at an abrupt rate, many American families can no longer keep up. Resulting in higher usage of student aid, as the largest provider of financial aid in America, almost every student is turning for help. Although, many do not see the troubles with the financial aid. Astonishingly, student aid is the largest factor and reasoning for high college expenses. Along with several other aspects, the value of education is at a maximal amount. College is no longer affordable for many individuals, by condensing the amount of student aid and reducing unnecessary expenses, demand will immensely go down and therefore so will tuition. Essentially, prices of college seem to be out of reach for most Americans, and they are only rising. In the article “The Scandal of College Tuition,” the author, Thomas Sowell, states, “The average tuition at American colleges…

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