Higher Learning Institution For A Majority Of My Adult Life Essay

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I have been attending some form of higher learning institution for a majority of my adult life. While I’m still young I’ve yet to receive the degree that I set out for. There have been many events in my life that have led me through several detours, and time and time again I have not accomplished my main goal or dream: to receive my bachelor’s degree. After high school, while it was assumed that I would attend college I never really had much of a plan and had no idea where to start. So after taking a year off I decided to enroll in the local community college that my cousin had been attending. Graduating with president’s honors, accomplishing a 3.5 grade point average, I figured university life would merely be one step up and I would graduate within two years. However, I suppose God or life had different plans for me. Looking back I do realize that I did make a great deal of mistakes and allowed myself to become side tracked from my plans I also realize that I had become so fixated on my own plans that I forgot about God completely. A year later I left from the university; low grades, no money, and pregnant. Not to mention dejected. So I decided to go back to community college. The first round was easy enough; I’d be back in the university in no time. However, because of everything that I had encountered in university life, I had been left with a depression so deep that I couldn’t hardly function, let alone be scholastically successful. So I left with yet another year of low…

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