Essay on Higher Education Should Be Free

1960 Words Dec 9th, 2016 8 Pages
Higher Education Should Be Free in America Education is the only way that people can get educated properly, and from that, they can devote themselves to enhance the development of a society, a country where they live in, contribute to improve the quality of life for all citizens. In addition, education is also the manner to narrow the gap between poor and rich. However, there are some problems in getting access to education in America. Firstly, the tuition fee for higher education is way too expensive. According to the official website of the University of Houston, the tuition for the undergraduate nursing major within four years of attendance for 2017 is up to $52,000 (“Tuition and Fees.” N.p.). Since this is a huge amount of money that not everyone can afford, students have no choice but to drop out of school after finishing high school. Secondly, only the rich can get access to good education, therefore, the gap between rich and poor continues to grow apart. For instance, Rice University, a private university in Houston, Texas, is considered as one of the best among the top 100 world universities in the 2016-2017 rankings announced by Times Higher Education (Almond). Obviously, within the high-quality education that Rice has, students truly expect the best possible experience. Nonetheless, tuition fee once again is a major obstacle for them. From the official website of Rice university, it says that the tuition is $43,000 a year (“2016-2017 Undergraduate Tuition and…

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