Essay on Higher Education Is A Deep History

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[There is about 775,000 male students that enroll in college each year; 1,575,000 female students that enroll each year. The number of women enrolling in college is almost double the number of men.] By having this many students enroll in college each year they should be getting payed better in their oncoming jobs. The topic of higher education being free has a deep history to consider, and there will always be both supporters and critics who continue to debate this topic.
Higher education has a deep history to consider. It has been a controversial topic since before the 1980s. The controversial topic started to grow. According to Ronald Ehrenberg, professor at Cornell University says, “It wasn 't until the 1980s, though that tuition growth began to regularly out strip growth in median family income”(Tuition Rising). The students and their families increasingly want to buy the best a fraction of over nation 's top students, as measured by test scores, who choose to enroll in selective private institutions has increased substantially over time. Furthermore, the number of applicants increased and the percentage of applicants accepted decreases, while yield and freshmen test scores increase, and the amount of financial aid must be offered to enroll the class decreases. According to Ronald Ehrenberg, professor at Cornell University says the “top institutions have chosen to maintain and increase quality largely by spending more, not by increasing efficiency, reducing cost, or…

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