Higher Education : High Education Essay

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Higher Education
To begin with, this essay deals with two authors and their opinions about higher education. Sandford J Ungar is the president of Goucher College in Baltimore, Maryland . He wrote “The new liberal arts”, in this essay he clarified the misperceptions of obtaining a liberal arts degree. The second author, Charles Murray works at an American enterprise institute, conservative think tank in Washington, DC. He wrote” Are too many people going to college? ” . He talks about who should go to college and who shouldn 't. Ungar clarified several misperception; the first misperception is that the liberal arts degree is a waste in our economy. The majority of people think that vocational career is guaranteed and you will have a better chance of finding a job. He argues that liberal arts major is more equipped because they learn a broader knowledge compare to career major that can be applied to any field. The second misperception is college graduates with a liberal arts degree are finding it harder to get a good job. Ungar mentions that the economy affected every major not only liberal art. Liberal arts majors are expertise in areas like “critical thinking and analytical reasoning skills”,and “the ability to innovate and be creative “(Ungar192). This means that Liberal arts major are prepared because they developed skill that are necessary for any job position.Those qualities make liberal arts majors more…

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