Higher Education For Higher Levels Essay

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When I told my parents that, regions in Europe offered Higher Education for free and all you need to present is your effort, they looked at me with an astonished face expression. They told me stories about how they were adolescents and had to drop out of their schools, They said, “If we had the chance to go to college then we would take the opportunity right away”, because they needed to support their families they couldn’t pursue their dreams.. The Benefits of Higher education are far more positive than negative, after all what’s so bad about learning? Higher education should be free to anyone who is committed to the challenge. How can the U.S. make education free for higher levels? Well, they can raise the tax which would make a lot of people mad but, in return the economy might exponentially grow until its one of the top 10 (Higher Education 's Contribution to Economic Growth Strategies). American is the top of military power and if you would cut 40% of the military funds, American would still be number one(Kramer, Mattea). A trillion dollars. It 's a lot of money. In a year it could send 127 million college students to school. Imagine two or three or maybe even four trillion dollars going to Education in general, This would pay teachers more money and make higher education free for millions of students. contribution to society, helping the economy grow and making it well prepared for generations to come. Every day there is at least some types of inventions that are…

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